Project Description


  • 3-year contract to devise, develop, manage, implement and coordinate the total repositioning of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange locally and globally, including establishing the JSE’s marketing department and running the department for the 3 years of the contract
  • Successfully redesigned, launched and repositioned the JSE locally and globally
  • Created, devised and managed the five year marketing strategy for the JSE
  • Successfully implemented the marketing strategy for the JSE internationally
  • Successfully implemented the repositioning strategy for the JSE locally and globally
  • Successfully launched the new JSE brand in association with the London Stock Exchange, the British Government, with President Mbeki as guest speaker
  • Staging, management and coordination of all local and international stock exchange events
  • Design and implementation of all above and below line marketing campaigns locally and internationally
  • Launched the first listed Alsi 40 Index tracker security, entitled SATRIX 40
  • Managed and co-coordinated a national roadshow, national press campaign, advertising below and above the line campaign, logo design and design of the SATRIX 40 website,
  • The launch of SATRIX 40 successfully raised over R3 billion
  • Launched the Satrix Industrial Index tracker security – SATRIX INDI
  • Launched the Satrix Financial Index security tracker – SATRIX FINI
  • Launched the Satrix Investment Plan