Project Description


  • Awarded the contract to launch A1 Grand Prix SA locally and globally
  • Total management and production of the event and television broadcast
  • Successfully staged, managed, coordinated, devised, conceptualised, created and implemented the launch event of A1 Grand Prix South Africa with President Mbeki as the guest of honour and speaker
  • Government liaison – guests included Government Ministers, High Commissioners and international dignitaries
  • Managed and coordinated 34 countries hospitality program
  • Devices, produced, staged, managed and implemented auxiliary events at Kyalami race track for live television broadcast
  • Managed, coordinated and implemented the total event including media liaison, public relations and sponsorship raising coordination and implementation
  • Creatively designed all above line advertising for press, radio and television locally and globally
  • Produced 30-minutes live television show
  • Produced creatively all elements of the below line promotional campaign locally and globally
  • Managed, coordinated and implemented the complete public relations and media strategy
  • Managed and coordinated the total media planning and buying operation
  • Managed, coordinated and secured all sponsorship raising activities and implemented all sponsorship outputs on behalf of sponsors